bar­rel watch

Gam­ing’s favourite prop rated by our res­i­dent cooper

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City Of Brass This is un­re­al­is­tic: a whip could never de­stroy the thick hide of a bar­rel, they’d shrug it off as though it were noth­ing more than a mere fly. Red Dead Re­demp­tion 2 It’s dis­gust­ing that some peo­ple think that our cask-like friends don’t feel any­thing. Some­times they wit­ness some truly… un­savoury be­hav­iour. Rag­ing Jus­tice Why do bor­ing crates get pride of place in Rag­ing Jus­tice while the hum­ble bar­rel is pushed to the back­ground? A trav­esty. No one puts baby in the cor­ner. Conker’s Bad Fur Day A prime ex­am­ple of a retro clas­sic re­born to live another day. Even older kegs can clean up well af­ter a bit of 4K spit and pol­ish. Gears Of War 3 Some may con­fuse this ob­ject with a can­is­ter, but it’s ac­tu­ally what bar­rels look like many years from now. I look for­ward to those smooth, smooth lines.

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