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Who’s that hand­some man keep­ing things to­gether in mid­field in this sport­ing videogame? Why it’s David Beck­ham in Pro Evo­lu­tion Soc­cer 2019 (p8) of course. The re­tired foot­ball star has lent his like­ness from his prime years to this FIFA ri­val. There’s news just in of post-apoc­a­lyp­tic shooter/ ve­hic­u­lar car­nage se­quel Rage 2 on p10. It’s look­ing men­tal, and we can’t wait to get hand­son with it. On p14 we ex­plore a lit­tle more of the gal­axy in Be­yond Good And Evil 2 . A load of new de­tails have popped up as well as footage of how the he­roes of this amaz­ing-look­ing world will fight their foes. We hope to have even more to show you next is­sue. There’s more space-based ad­ven­ture ahead thanks to the re-emer­gence of (p16). Af­ter go­ing dark for quite some time af­ter its initial Xbox One an­nounce­ment a few years ago, it’s now fi­nally close to re­leas­ing on the con­sole – we’ve played it and ev­ery­thing. Fi­nally we’ve got some­thing that’s come from space and crash­landed into Fortnite as we go through all of the changes for Sea­son 4 on p18.





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