Face McShooty – Border­lands 2

XBox: The Official Magazine - - REVIEW -

It’s rare to meet a psy­cho in Border­lands 2 who doesn’t im­me­di­ately open fire on you. It’s rarer still to en­counter one who ac­tively seeks out your help in elim­i­nat­ing them. But if there was ever a case to be made for nom­i­na­tive de­ter­min­ism, it’s with Face McShooty, the mo­hawk-sport­ing chap who asks just that in an amus­ing va­ri­ety of ways (“Now! Bul­lets in the face! Want ’em! Need ’em! Gimme gimme gimme! At the sound of the bell!”).

‘Shoot This Guy in the Face’ is as easy a mis­sion as it is per­plex­ing: he lit­er­ally just wants you to shoot him in the face. He even yells “Thank you!” just be­fore he ex­pires from all those bul­lets to the face. So, you know, noth­ing if not po­lite.

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