Road Rash

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Be­tween 1991 and 2000, Road Rash might just have been the coolest game in the world. In it, you took on the per­sona of a dodgy Hells An­gels-style biker, rac­ing other bik­ers you could lash with chains and cat­tle-prods as they drew along­side. Its tracks had to be in­sanely long, in or­der to let you catch up with the AI, since if you crashed, you’d ca­reer miles down the road and have to run back to your bike be­fore the cops ar­rested you. The thought of what could be done with the for­mat given the tech­nol­ogy that pow­ers the Xbox One X is mouth-wa­ter­ing. Alas, though, Road Rash was and is owned by Elec­tronic Arts, a se­rial of­fender when it comes to sit­ting on great fran­chises.

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