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Dis­cover new ways to kill in older mis­sions with Hit­man 2 – World Of As­sas­si­na­tion

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A whole bunch of an­nounce­ments came out of Gamescom this year but what we’re su­per ex­cited about are the new de­tails sur­round­ing Hit­man 2.

We were al­ready ter­ri­bly tit­il­lated about suit­ing up as Agent 47 once more but af­ter get­ting some hand­son time with the Mi­ami mis­sion and suc­cess­fully elim­i­nat­ing fa­ther and daugh­ter, Robert and Sierra Knox re­spec­tively, it sealed the deal for us. We needed this game. But just like the smartly dressed man him­self, IO In­ter­ac­tive had a few tricks up its sleeves. En­ter Hit­man 2 – World Of As­sas­si­na­tion. This up­date will al­low you to re­visit the six lo­ca­tions from the pre­vi­ous game. Not only that but each mis­sion will be up­dated with all the new fea­tures and im­prove­ments found within Hit­man 2.

Dur­ing our pre­view of WoA the de­vel­op­ers were kind enough to run through some of the im­prove­ments to give us an idea of what to ex­pect.

Killer moves

In the pre­vi­ous game, when spot­ted by cam­eras, you were no­ti­fied with a text alert at the top cor­ner of the screen, but now you’ll get a pic­ture-in-pic­ture im­age of what the cam­era sees so you know when you’re be­ing recorded. This pic­ture-in-pic­ture mode will also show up when a body has been dis­cov­ered, or when you’ve dis­tracted a guard so you can keep a track of what’s go­ing on and plan ac­cord­ingly.

The brief­case that was reim­ple­mented in Hit­man 2 re­turns so you’ll be able to smug­gle items, such as sniper ri­fles, into ar­eas that you couldn’t be­fore with­out be­ing spot­ted.

En­ter­ing crowds of peo­ple will al­low you to con­ceal your­self amongst them, in much the same way as the

As­sas­sin’s Creed se­ries. A cir­cle will

“The game will be up­dated along­side Hit­man 2 with new fea­tures”

ap­pear around 47 and as long as your pur­suer stays out of it you’ll re­main hid­den.

They’ve also im­proved the en­vi­ron­ment which was shown off with the Colorado mis­sion. All the fo­liage that was there be­fore is now much more dense and over­grown, al­low­ing you to hide and con­ceal bod­ies bet­ter for more tac­ti­cal op­tions.

Hit­man 2’ s im­proved en­emy AI comes along for the ride, too. IO In­ter­ac­tive is a stick­ler for at­ten­tion to de­tail, so it was pe­cu­liar that they didn’t pro­gram the NPCs to re­act to re­flec­tions in mir­rors in the pre­vi­ous game. Agent 47 could sim­ply walk up be­hind an en­emy fac­ing a mir­ror with­out them notic­ing. This glar­ing omis­sion has now been rec­ti­fied.

And the best thing about all of this? Ev­ery­one who pur­chased the orig­i­nal sea­son of Hit­man will have ac­cess to all of these mis­sions in

Hit­man 2 free of charge. Not only that but the game will be up­dated along­side Hit­man 2 with new fea­tures, game modes and more.

Many of the mis­sions in the pre­vi­ous game are con­sid­ered to be some of the best the se­ries has ever had to of­fer and this up­date is a per­fect op­por­tu­nity for those that missed them the first time around and great for any­one look­ing to chal­lenge them­selves in new and ex­cit­ing ways.


Above You have many new tools and abil­i­ties to use. Stun grenades be­ing a great choice for tak­ing out mul­ti­ple tar­gets. right Mis­sions from the pre­vi­ous game are in­cluded.

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