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The fu­ture is bright in this out­ra­geously com­bat­ive post-apoc­a­lyp­tic shooter

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There were plenty of an­nounce­ments and new de­tails on some of the most an­tic­i­pated games that came out of QuakeCon this year, and one of those games that has had our juices flow­ing for some time is Rage 2. So a new trailer shed­ding more light on this crazy first-per­son shooter was more than wel­come.

The game takes place 30 years af­ter the first one, in which hu­man­ity had al­ready been try­ing to re­built it­self for over 100 years fol­low­ing dev­as­ta­tion caused by a me­teor hit­ting the planet. Now the world is start­ing to show signs of re­cov­ery. More com­plex biomes such as swamps, jun­gles and the all-too-fa­mil­iar deserts can be seen, as can traces of civilised so­ci­ety. You play as Walker, the last liv­ing Ranger. Your se­cluded home of Vineland has been at­tacked by the op­pres­sive Au­thor­ity and ev­ery­one you’ve ever known has been killed. With noth­ing left to lose and a ridicu­lously large ar­se­nal you set out on a mis­sion to ex­act your re­venge.

Dur­ing the trailer we got an ex­tended look at the Eden As­sault mis­sion. Our old friend Dr Kvasir makes a sur­pris­ing but pleas­ant re­turn from the pre­vi­ous game and sends you on a mis­sion to bring an Eco-Pod, specif­i­cally Eco-15 which has been hang­ing around in Earth’s or­bit, down to Earth – and you’ll need to travel to the Eden Space Cen­tre to do so. The prob­lem is, the whole place is crawl­ing with a group of ban­dits, the so-called Goon Squad, and to have any chance of get­ting to the heart of the fa­cil­ity you’ll have to blast this crew away. A cer­tain id Com­bat is be­ing han­dled by the orig­i­na­tors of the first-per­son genre them­selves, id Soft­ware, so you can ex­pect an ex­plo­sive ex­pe­ri­ence. The weapons feel like they’ve come straight out of 2016’s Doom re­boot, es­pe­cially the shot­gun. The trusty Wing­stick (a boomerang with three bladed arms) also makes a re­turn. This nifty piece of kit can quickly take out en­e­mies from afar while you’re busy shoot­ing oth­ers. It comes with some snazzy im­prove­ments, too. It can now lock onto en­e­mies and even reach them from around cor­ners.

But it’s not just weapons at your dis­posal, you’ll also have a range of ‘Nan­otrite’ abil­i­ties to wreak havoc with. One of which is Slam, which al­lows you to leap into the air and come crash­ing down to the ground, so any un­for­tu­nate souls caught in its wake will ei­ther be oblit­er­ated or sent fly­ing. Af­ter clear­ing out the Goon Squad, mak­ing your way into the fa­cil­ity and bring­ing down Eco-15, you’re be­stowed a new Nan­otrite abil­ity called Shat­ter. Thanks to the Eco-Pod’s land­ing hav­ing drawn the at­ten­tion of the Au­thor­ity, we get to see it up close and per­sonal. With a wave of force from your palm, Shat­ter pushes your en­e­mies back – get close enough and they ex­plode in a shower of blood.

Walker even has an Over­drive abil­ity which is charged up by tak­ing out en­e­mies and pushes his weapons be­yond their nor­mal ca­pa­bil­i­ties. It al­lows you to do more dam­age, reload faster, im­prove re­flexes and re­gen­er­ate your health. We also got a brief look at the ve­hic­u­lar com­bat, with Walker rag­ing across the waste­land tak­ing out a bunch of en­e­mies with ma­chine guns, mor­tars and rock­ets.

Ev­ery­thing we’ve seen so far proves that this col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween Avalanche and id Soft­ware has blos­somed into some­thing won­der­ful, and as fans of the pre­vi­ous game we can’t wait to check out more.

“The weapons feel like they’ve come straight out of 2016’s Doom re­boot”

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