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Dani’s pick Doom: Eter­nal

Shoot­ers aren’t nor­mally my thing, but the over-the-top in­san­ity of Doom is an ex­cep­tion. It de­lights in its chaos, mak­ing it far more ap­proach­able than most in the over­crowded genre.

Adam’s pick Mo­saic

Hav­ing to make a long com­mute to and from work ev­ery day, I re­late to Mo­saic a lot. But it’s the charm­ing art style and so­cial com­men­tary that’s re­ally grabbed me.

War­ren’s pick Sekiro

2017’s Nioh from Team Ninja was al­most enough to make me wish for a PS4. A swift slap from the edi­tor put an end to those dark de­sires and with

on the hori­zon, I’m glad I waited for the real deal.

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