Punch­ing ro­bots in the face has never been so much fun

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We’ve al­ways felt that bat­tling around in gi­ant over­sized mechs and lay­ing waste to cities from around the world would bring us end­less amounts of joy and after some hands-on time with The Bal­ance Inc’s party brawler we now know this to be true.

In Over­ride: Mech City Brawl you get to pi­lot your very own gi­ant mech and bat­tle it out ei­ther on your own against the com­puter or with up to three other play­ers in lo­cal or on­line games. The game plays very dif­fer­ently from your typ­i­cal fighter where there are set com­bos such as high, low and medium punches. In­stead, you con­trol the mech’s limbs in­de­pen­dently of each other. Each shoul­der but­ton cor­re­sponds to a dif­fer­ent ap­pendage. Press­ing LB and RB will have you punch­ing with both arms si­mul­ta­ne­ously and us­ing the left and right trig­gers will con­trol the legs.

This makes the game de­cep­tively sim­ple and al­lows any­one to jump in and play. Rather than mem­o­ris­ing a bunch of combo moves, you just string at­tacks to­gether at the right time to stun-lock your op­po­nent. Apart from a few ad­di­tional moves, that’s the ex­tent of com­plex­ity in­volved. Mech-tac­u­lar But there’s an­other way Over­ride sets it­self apart from other fight­ers. You can jump into one mech all on your own or, if you’re up for the chal­lenge, join up with three other play­ers to con­trol one mech. This in­volves as­sign­ing dif­fer­ent limbs to each player, but also who will con­trol the but­ton to block, char­ac­ter move­ment, cam­era move­ment and so on. It works sur­pris­ingly well.

There are 12 unique mechs to choose from, each with their own dif­fer­ent skill-sets and play styles. Although they all use the same con­trol set-up men­tioned be­fore, none of them fight in the same way. For ex­am­ple, one mech, Contessa, has long arms, and has the ad­van­tage of reach. De­pend­ing on the body type, mechs will have dif­fer­ent ad­van­tages and disad­van­tages. Each mech has four spe­cial moves which are as­signed to each limb. These are built up over time dur­ing com­bat and once fully charged can be un­leashed. They also have a one-time use ul­ti­mate move to use in des­per­a­tion when health is low.

For those not look­ing to play with oth­ers there is also a story mode. This is ad­mit­tedly light on the nar­ra­tive front, but it gives you a chance to learn more about the in­di­vid­ual mechs and those controlling them. You can even cus­tomise your mech: ev­ery­thing from char­ac­ter skins and ac­ces­sories are un­locked through nor­mal play, so no loot boxes or vir­tual cur­rency here.

De­spite its sim­plic­ity, Over­ride was a blast for us to play and we look for­ward to its im­mi­nent re­lease.

“Each mech has four spe­cial moves which are as­signed to each limb”

Be­low We’ve been re­as­sured that the city was fully evac­u­ated just be­fore the bat­tle.

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