Moon­light­ing as a de­tec­tive to solve a mur­der mys­tery in Paris

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Ever won­dered what it would be like to drive around the streets of Paris late at night, meet­ing a va­ri­ety of strange and in­ter­est­ing peo­ple while at the same time try­ing to solve a mur­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion? Well you’re in luck.

A se­rial killer is on the loose in Paris and in this stylish in­ves­tiga­tive noir nar­ra­tive game it’s up to you to crack the case. But there’s a twist. You’re not ac­tu­ally a de­tec­tive, in­stead you’re a night-shift taxi driver with a mys­te­ri­ous past. You’ve been roped in by the lo­cal po­lice who wish to take ad­van­tage of your ac­cess to the peo­ple of Paris and help them find the killer. To do this you’ll be trav­el­ling all around the city, pick­ing up pas­sen­gers and talk­ing with them. Each of the 75 or so po­ten­tial pas­sen­gers within the game are unique and have their own sto­ries and things to say. This is a non-lin­ear game, so de­pend­ing on who you meet and how con­ver­sa­tions un­fold, the game can end in wildly dif­fer­ent ways.

It won’t be as sim­ple as out­right in­ter­ro­gat­ing peo­ple as they step into your car, how­ever, you’ll need to read into them and nav­i­gate your way through di­a­logue op­tions. And not ev­ery­one will be as help­ful as you would hope. Some won’t know a thing about the crimes or are sim­ply un­in­ter­ested, while oth­ers may ac­tu­ally pre­tend to know some­thing and if be­lieved can lead your in­ves­ti­ga­tion in the wrong di­rec­tion and have you end up ac­cus­ing the wrong per­son.

Last taxi in Paris

You’ll also have the usual taxi driver is­sues to con­tend with, too, like clean­ing up vomit and un­paid fares, be­cause all this is done while try­ing to earn a liv­ing. The fares you ob­tain will be used to pay for your rent, your car and any other bills you might get, which in turn will al­low you to con­tinue your in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Hav­ing an un­clean taxi will have an im­pact on the amount of pas­sen­gers you get and the amount of money you end up with at the end of the night.

After each shift you’ll head home where you’ll get a quick sum­mary of your earn­ings and out­go­ings. Some nights will be more lu­cra­tive than oth­ers, both in the money you take and in the in­for­ma­tion or clues you get. It’s here that you’ll also get a chance to re­view all the ev­i­dence you’ve gath­ered so far. Sat in front of your desk you can be­gin to make log­i­cal con­nec­tions which will hope­fully lead to dis­cov­er­ing the iden­tity of the killer.

With its unique take on mur­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion and the at­trac­tive black and white noir style, we can’t help but be ex­cited for Night Call. It won’t be long be­fore we start shop­ping around for trench coats and tril­bies.

“Each of the 75 or so pas­sen­gers have their own sto­ries and things to say”

Be­low The game oozes with style, but the noir look is only half of its ap­peal.

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