You never know who could creep up be­hind you, which is ex­tra ter­ri­ble if it’s any of these stealthy char­ac­ters Daniella Lu­cas

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10 Styx Shards Of Dark­ness Be­ing silently stalked is never go­ing to be some­one’s idea of a fun time, but be­ing fol­lowed by a sar­cas­tic lit­tle gob­lin feels par­tic­u­larly aw­ful. He may be small, but that won’t stop Styx from sneak­ing up be­hind you and punt­ing you off a ledge or slit­ting your throat. He also likes to tam­per with stuff – think you’ll be safe if you sound the alarm? Nope, think again – it’ll prob­a­bly fall and crush you as he’ll have al­ready paid it a visit. You’re best off qui­etly hid­ing in a box some­where, ig­nor­ing your guard duty and hav­ing a nap. He can’t kill you if you don’t take part. Also, avoid drink­ing any open bev­er­ages – there’s a good chance he’s poi­soned it with his own vomit. Mmmm de­li­cious, thanks Styx.

9.Malaise Sniper Elite If you need to get a job done you should hire a pro­fes­sional, es­pe­cially if it in­volves qui­etly dis­patch­ing Nazis from a dis­tance. If you’re un­lucky enough to be one of Karl’s tar­gets it’ll be too late to be aware of it, you’ll be a crum­pled heap dy­ing of a gun­shot wound to the go­nads in no time. He’s not a Sniper Elite for noth­ing. Even if he runs out of bul­lets he’ll still come for you with force, opt­ing for an up­close and per­sonal touch that will still leave you with or­gans in­ef­fec­tive for liv­ing. It’s not just peo­ple he deals with though, he’s also great at sneak­ing into places to sab­o­tage them for other pur­poses. Truly a multi-tal­ented ras­cal.

8.Mimic PRey What’s worse than hav­ing some­one come after you? Hav­ing some­thing come after you. The worst thing about the mimic is that you’ll never even know what it is that will do you in. Ca­pa­ble of shape-shift­ing into any­thing, you could be un­done by some­thing ob­vi­ous like a tur­ret in your space sci­ence lab, but you could also be en­joy­ing a cup of cof­fee at home when the mug in your hand dis­si­pates into a mass of black smoke and suf­fo­cates you where you sit. It’s the per­fect sneak­ing crea­ture for this rea­son: death can take lit­er­ally any shape in the Prey uni­verse – don’t trust any­thing, es­pe­cially in your kitchen.

7.Emily Kald­win Dis­hon­ored 2 Easy to over­look, as who ex­pects a head of state to be an ex­pert at as­sas­si­na­tion and stealth, but that’s part of Emily’s sub­terfuge – you’ll never ex­pect her to come for you with a plague of rats in the night. She’s skilled with both blades and pis­tols, but also has an arse­nal of su­per­nat­u­ral abil­i­ties at her dis­posal that she can deftly weave to­gether to bring you into her grasp with ease. There is no es­cape from some­one who can pull you to­wards them like a yo-yo for an ef­fi­cient dis­patch. You could be in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent build­ing, mind­ing your own busi­ness and still find your­self be­ing forced through a win­dow to your doom. Us­ing skills over dis­tance is next-level sneak­ing.

6.Kas­san­dra Asassin’s Creed Odyssey All as­sas­sins are stealthy by na­ture – it’s part of the job de­scrip­tion – though none are quite as pro­fi­cient as Kas­san­dra. Not only is she a skilled fighter who is pro­fi­cient in mul­ti­ple dis­ci­plines, she’s also in­cred­i­bly charm­ing. You’d never ex­pect some­one who walks right up to your face for a chat to be stealthy, but that’s also what makes that kind of ap­proach ef­fec­tive – watch for a hid­den blade to the gut while she’s smil­ing pleas­antly at you. She’ll even sneak her way into your heart with her flirt­ing skills if you’re not care­ful. You can’t de­fend your­self from some­one who can en­twine them­selves with your love life. At least you know she’ll prob­a­bly put you down quickly and gen­tly if you ever cross her, though. 5.Bat­man Arkham se­ries This is prob­a­bly only a worry if you’re a su­pervil­lain or an un­spec­i­fied goon that likes to hang out in aban­doned ware­houses at night – but there is no es­cap­ing the Dark Knight. Not only is Bat­man a mas­ter of shadow and stealth, he’s got an in­sane ar­ray of gad­gets to help him take on even the most labyrinth­like of hide­outs: foam­ing ex­plo­sives to cre­ate new wall en­trances or to cre­ate dis­trac­tions be­fore drop­ping from the ceil­ing, batarangs to hit dis­tant tar­gets, and smoke pel­lets to hide his es­cape. At least be­cause of his one rule you know he’ll never kill you, but suf­fer­ing mul­ti­ple bro­ken bones then be­ing tied up for some­one else to find your in­jured body doesn’t seem like the best way to spend an evening. 4.Sam Fisher Splin­ter Cell A true gi­ant and hero of the stealth genre – skulk­ing wouldn’t be as big as it is to­day with­out the in­flu­ence of Sam Fisher in Splin­terCell way back in 2002 on the orig­i­nal Xbox. With his iconic green night-vi­sion gog­gles he’s a true pro­fes­sional sneak trusted with mat­ters of na­tional se­cu­rity. There’s nowhere he can’t break into by tak­ing ad­van­tage of dark spots and ven­ti­la­tion shafts – bad news if you work for a se­cret govern­ment fa­cil­ity. Even if you’re just the guy mak­ing cof­fees for ev­ery­one, pass down the wrong hall­way while Fisher is out prowl­ing and you’re as good as dead. He’s also aged like a fine wine over the years, and his skills have ma­tured. Here’s hop­ing the ru­mours that he’ll star in a new game soon are true. 3.Big Boss Metal Gear Solid se­ries The other big, in­flu­en­tial name in the world of stealth games, Big Boss, made the world aware of how much fun trick­ing guards is and how com­pelling un­cov­er­ing dou­ble-crosses can be. There’s no se­cret plot he can’t un­cover so don’t even think about ly­ing about break­ing your diet the other week by eat­ing three Calo­rieMate bars at once. He’s so sneaky he even made some­one else be­lieve he was him with a lot of plas­tic surgery and men­tal re­pro­gram­ming in or­der to keep his true iden­tity and mo­tives un­der wraps in MGSV. It’s im­pos­si­ble to out­ma­noeu­vre a man with so many stealth-trained clones, body dou­bles and aliases… un­less you’re one of those said clones of course.

2.Agent 47 Hit­man Bold and bald, and the ul­ti­mate as­sas­sin ca­pa­ble of blend­ing in any­where, be that on a high-fash­ion run­way among su­per­mod­els or a drug­car­tel in­fested jun­gle in Colom­bia. He can also turn any­thing into a weapon, and we mean any­thing. Guns of course, but also golf clubs, sy­ringes, meat hooks, pool cues, and, uh, fish. If things don’t go to plan he’ll im­pro­vise on the spot, adapt­ing his strat­egy to sneak around and find his tar­get. It’s im­pos­si­ble for him to botch a mis­sion as he’s so adept at think­ing on the fly to get the job done. Like the Ter­mi­na­tor, he won’t ever stop com­ing for you. He also gets bonus points for hav­ing a new ad­ven­ture out this year. 1.Alien Alien: Iso­la­tion This is lit­er­ally the worst thing you could pos­si­bly have fol­low­ing you. Pow­er­ful and quiet with cat-like re­flexes, a barbed tail and acidic blood, it’s a nasty crea­ture that will kill you in sec­onds if it finds you. You’ll have to be sneaky your­self if you want to avoid its gaze, but hid­ing and run­ning won’t be enough. This Alien is also in­cred­i­bly smart and will learn from your ac­tions – think you’re safe hid­ing in lock­ers? Think again. Even­tu­ally the Alien will learn your pref­er­ences and start check­ing lock­ers for you. You’ll con­stantly have to mix things up to avoid it. But the worst part is you can’t even pre­dict where it might be – its move­ments are en­tirely ran­dom. You might go ages with­out see­ing it, or it might closely stalk you the en­tire time you’re on the Sev­astopol. It’s the ul­ti­mate sneaky ras­cal in all of gam­ing: noth­ing is as in­tense as try­ing to es­cape its ter­ri­ble in­flu­ence.

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