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Gam­ing’s favourite prop rated by our res­i­dent cooper

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WWE 2K19 Just look at that beef­cake! We saw this fine spec­i­men of an oil-drum back­stage at a WWE show, where some­how he’d got him­self em­broiled in a back­stage bust-up.

STRANGE BRI­GADE Oh it’s al­right for her, how’s a bar­rel go­ing to roll it­self deftly out of the way when that spin­ning-blade trap goes off? They re­ally shouldn’t have sat there.

FORT­NITE Those three ter­ri­fied casks await the fate of those oth­ers – be­ing cleaved in two by some right Count in a spooky Hex­syl­va­nian cas­tle. Drac­ula? Jerk-ula, more like.

RED DEAD REDEMP­TION II Bar­rels of the year, no ques­tion. 10/10 for these beau­ties. We’ve spent 170-plus hours in this game, just star­ing at these stave-built beau­ties.

JUST CAUSE 4 Few peo­ple ap­pre­ci­ate the vic­tims of Rico’s wide-scale de­struc­tive ram­pages. You can just make out one poor bar­rel that’s been ripped apart by his an­tics. What a douche.

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