Mas­sive Dic­ta­tors

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These op­pres­sive despots re­ally need over­throw­ing, and Rico’s the man for the job

Sal­vador Men­doza just cause

This was the first dic­ta­tor that Rico had the priv­i­lege of over­throw­ing. Par­tial to the movie Air Force One, he met his end as Rico sky­dived after him and strapped a live bomb to his back mid-fall. What a way to go.

Pan­dak ‘Baby’ Panay just cause 2

This dic­ta­tor met an un­for­tu­nate demise at the hands of Rico by get­ting his cloth­ing caught on one of three launch­ing nu­clear mis­siles. Rico gave chase and ended up strap­ping Panay to one of the mis­siles and chang­ing its course to ex­plode above the is­land of Panau.

Se­bas­tiano Di Ravello just cause 3

All of the dic­ta­tors that Rico has crossed paths with have been hor­ri­ble, but this psy­chopath, with his volatile tem­per, is pos­si­bly the worst. He’ll be calm one minute and beat­ing you to death the next. Rico saw to his end with a bul­let to the head at the heart of a live vol­cano.

Gabriela Mo­rales just cause 4

Rico’s lat­est en­emy and ri­val is more se­ri­ous and far more in­tel­li­gent than the pre­vi­ous an­tag­o­nists. Gabriela is the com­man­der of the se­ries’ mer­ce­nary group, Black Hand, and has been de­scribed as calm, col­lected and in con­trol. Rico will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to stop her.

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