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LG OLE D77C8 55” OLE D 4K Smart TV

OLED TVs are the best you can buy, and LG’s sig­na­ture C8 range is the ul­ti­mate in 4K home en­ter­tain­ment if you care about ev­ery sin­gle pixel. And we do. If you’ve got a big enough house and wal­let, there are 66” and 77” op­tions too. The C8 comes with Dolby Vi­sion to de­liver those per­fect blacks, cin­ema-style Dolby At­mos sound, and built-in smart home sup­port. £6,999 john­

Sam­sung HW-N650 Wire­less Sound­bar

Words like ‘Acous­tic Beam’ al­ways sound like mar­ket­ing non­sense to us, but in the case of Sam­sung’s smart au­dio giz­mos it ac­tu­ally means your games ben­e­fit from some slick fu­ture tech. Each sound comes from a spe­cific lo­ca­tion in the bar and there’s even a bonus ex­tra speaker to make sure you can feel the bass. Boom. £709 sam­

Sam­sung UE 55NU 8000 55” 4K TV

Good 4K HDR for your Xbox One X doesn’t have to cost the earth. This 2018 Sam­sung fits the bill nicely with an HDR+ plus mode. It’s got a stylish edge­less bezel to make your Xbox games feel like they’re in an in­fin­ity pool, and, if you aren’t play­ing or watch­ing 4K con­tent, the 1080p up­scal­ing makes older games look great too. £769.99 cur­

Tur­tle Beach Elite Pro 2

In­spired by es­ports pros, these im­pres­sive cans from Tur­tle Beach come with cus­tom 50mm Nan­oclear speak­ers, an ex­cel­lent multi-di­rec­tional mic, and a nifty Su­per­amp au­dio con­troller to get your lev­els just right. Oh, and if you wear specs, the built-in glasses tech saves those an­gry marks after a long ses­sion. Fi­nally. £219.99/$249.99 turtle­

Sonos Play­bar

TV speak­ers are all well and good but if you want wall-shak­ing sound with true depth, it’s time to up­grade to a sound­bar. Speaker firm Sonos have Hulk-smashed onto the scene with this ex­cep­tional Wi-Fi en­abled, all-in-one speaker that’ll hap­pily take your games to the next au­ral level. £699/$698

Aver­me­dia Live Gamer Ul­tra

Most cap­ture de­vices don’t get along with your Xbox One X and TV when it comes to 4K and HDR. Not only does the Live Gamer Ul­tra let you see both 4K and HDR on screen, but it even records in 4K at 30fps. £199/$249.97 aver­me­

Sea­gate 4TB Game Drive for Xbox One

Space. The fi­nal fron­tier. Or per­haps where ev­ery­one can hear you scream when you run out of space again on your Xbox. 4TB of stor­age means no wor­ry­ing about where you’re go­ing to put Red Dead Redemp­tion II… £59.99/$107.99 sea­

Sound Blaster x H7 TOUR­NA­MENT EDI­TION

These pro-level head­phones boast up­graded 50mm driv­ers for crys­tal-clear sur­round sound, great mic qual­ity with a de­tach­able mic to en­hance vo­cal pickup and pro­vide great noise can­cel­la­tion. £89.99/$119.99 sound­

Xbox One X

The per­fect pack­age for Fall­out fans in­cludes an Xbox One X with six ter­aflops of graph­i­cal pro­cess­ing power and a 4K Blu-ray player. Games play bet­ter on Xbox – and Fall­out 76 cer­tainly will on this. £449.99/$499

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