Cat and mous­saka

XBox: The Official Magazine - - REVIEW -

Apart from horses, or ones you’ve tamed with the un­lock­able Beast Mas­ter skill, an­i­mals are a bit of an un­nec­es­sary pain in the ‘aris­to­tle’ in

Odyssey. Sharks, fair enough. Poi­sonous snakes in tombs, ditto. But wolves are

ev­ery­where and fol­low you a long way to at­tack, even into a bustling city to have a go at you while you’re fight­ing a load of Spar­tan sol­diers. Wild boars are an­noy­ingly over­pow­ered and can knock your horse over, and there are Lynxes that ac­tu­ally jump on your back! Weirdly, even the chick­ens at­tack. We’re not jok­ing, try not to up­set one.

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