Sea Of Thieves

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Pub­lisher Mi­crosoft Stu­dios / De­vel­oper Rare Aaarrr third top game of the year is… Rare’s open-world on­line mul­ti­player pi­rate spec­tac­u­lar is a tri­umph of game de­sign that is fre­quently amaz­ing, and has kept on im­prov­ing with each suc­ces­sive up­date. At its core, the game em­braces the chaos of a pi­rate’s life on the salty seas – be a pi­rate (an ugly one, ac­cept it), find trea­sure, go on ad­ven­tures and do a lot of sail­ing. That’s about it, but re­ally, what more do you need from a pi­rate game?

Ini­tially these seas of thieves felt a lit­tle, well, empty. It takes a long time to sail in ‘real time’ be­tween the map’s many is­lands, but those seas are nev­er­the­less beau­ti­ful and en­tic­ing as you sail around solo in a sloop or in a crew aboard a galleon, dig­ging up trea­sure and de­liv­er­ing chick­ens. It still de­pends on hav­ing good friends to play it with con­sis­tently; be­ing thrown in with strangers is not as re­ward­ing – and on your own it can feel a lit­tle lonely. It has ad­mit­tedly di­vided the Xbox com­mu­nity for all of the above rea­sons, but fans of the game who have kept at it have un­doubt­edly been re­warded for their time (and fre­quent loss of ships, con­demned by other pi­rates to Davy Jones’ locker) with crack­ing up­dates like For­saken Shores bring­ing ever more joy to your jolly sailors bold.

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