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We’d love to say that all games are bril­liant. But, clearly, they’re not...

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A sludgy, plod­ding and gen­uinely un­pleas­ant game filled with scenes of child mur­der and sex­ual as­sault. As hideously aw­ful as that al­ready sounds, the real agony came from ac­tu­ally play­ing the damn thing. Pub Play­way / Dev Mad­mind Stu­dios

Past Cure

We couldn’t find enough bad words to say about this in­die sur­vival hor­ror game with grand but un­achieved am­bi­tions. “MaxPayne suf­fer­ing from se­nile de­men­tia.” Ow. Pub Phan­tom 8 Stu­dio / Dev Phan­tom 8 Stu­dio

Hello Neigh­bor

Frus­trat­ing en­emy AI, hor­ri­ble con­trols and game-break­ing bugs led our re­viewer to ad­vise, “Avoid it like you would a weird neigh­bour wan­der­ing around with mur­derer gloves on.” Pub Tiny­build / dev Dy­namic Pix­els

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