XBox: The Official Magazine - - PREVIEW -

The con­ceit of the mul­ti­player is that it’s the Agency’s train­ing pro­gram, with each map be­ing a sim­u­lated com­bat arena, and the aes­thetic re­flects that. The floor, and the few other in­de­struc­tible el­e­ments of the en­vi­ron­ment, have a

Tron- like, wire­frame look, as do el­e­ments of the back­ground, such as the as­ter­oids float­ing above Nova Sta­tion. The de­struc­tible build­ings, how­ever, look like a slice of a real (if fu­tur­is­tic) city. It’s vis­ually in­ter­est­ing, but also makes it crys­tal clear what’s blow-up-able.

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