Silent Thrills

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Home­com­ing had too many ideas. Here are three games that did the whole night­mar­ish, in­ter­di­men­sional flavour of hor­ror more suc­cess­fully.

the spirit is will­ing The Evil Within 2

Shinji Mikami’s pet project feels spir­i­tu­ally like more of a Silent Hill 2 suc­ces­sor than most of the ac­tual se­ries. Hor­rific stuff.

on its own Silent Hill 2

One of the few hor­ror games that doesn’t feel de­riv­a­tive to cin­ema. A uniquely un­set­tling hor­ror about loss and guilt.

fire power Alan Wake

With a com­bat fo­cus and lin­ear story about in­ter­lock­ing di­men­sions, this is what Home­com­ing could have been.

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