maid of sker

Be­ware. A tale of for­bid­den love holds unimag­in­able hor­rors at Sker House


“You’ll need to rely on cun­ning and stealth to sur­vive what awaits you” Eliz­a­beth Wil­liams is said to have died of a bro­ken heart while locked in­side one of the rooms of Sker House

A build­ing con­structed by monks to praise their god, dat­ing back 900 years, and a story of two star-crossed lovers sounds like the per­fect breed­ing ground for a first-per­son sur­vival hor­ror game. Wales In­ter­ac­tive will be delv­ing deep into its lo­cal his­tory for its lat­est ti­tle, Maid Of Sker.

Tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from the 19th cen­tury novel of the same name by RD Black­more, and the Welsh folk song, which also shares the name, by Thomas Evans, Wales In­ter­ac­tive will be craft­ing its own story which prom­ises to be a “truly ter­ri­fy­ing sur­vival hor­ror that reignites one of the more haunt­ing tales in Wales”.

Set in 1898, the story will take place in and around the re­mote ho­tel of Sker House, which is a fic­tional recre­ation of the real-life Sker House, a res­i­dence which still stands to­day and one that many be­lieve to be haunted. You’ll take on the role of mu­si­cian Thomas Evans, who ar­rives at the house in or­der to save the woman he loves, Eliz­a­beth Wil­liams.

Like many of the best hor­ror games of late you’ll have no weapons at hand to de­fend your­self. In­stead you’ll need to rely on cun­ning and stealth to sur­vive what awaits you. A 3D sound­based AI will be im­ple­mented within the core of game­play and you’ll need to ex­plore this spooky lo­cale us­ing items that you find to dis­tract and trap the many en­e­mies that are look­ing to off you. How­ever, as you progress through the game this will be­come in­creas­ingly dif­fi­cult and all you’ll be left to do is hold your breath while the en­emy passes.

Fate awaits

The game’s story will be non-lin­ear and will fea­ture a branch­ing nar­ra­tive which leads to at least three dif­fer­ent end­ings. So all of your de­ci­sions and ac­tions mat­ter and will im­pact how the story un­folds.

The suit­ably haunt­ing an­nounce­ment trailer, which is nar­rated with an al­ter­na­tive and chill­ing ren­di­tion of Evans’ bal­lad, gives us a short glimpse of the stu­dio’s in­tent. It also shows the game’s vis­ual aes­thetic.

Wales In­ter­ac­tive has pre­vi­ous when it comes to mak­ing hor­ror games: it de­vel­oped an adap­ta­tion for the hor­ror film Don’t Knock Twice, which sim­i­larly had you ex­plor­ing a grand manor house with an evil pres­ence. We can only imag­ine the de­vel­op­ers learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t in terms of ‘bring on the scares’.

The most ex­cit­ing thing about this ti­tle is its ties to real peo­ple and the events that are be­lieved to have oc­curred. How they will tie in all of its in­spi­ra­tions, given that they dif­fer greatly, will be any­one’s guess, but we cer­tainly look for­ward to find­ing out.

Below It might look pic­turesque but what­ever lies be­yond that thresh­old is sure to frighten.

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