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They make the games we love, but what do they play for fun? We ask cre­atives to pick their faves from Xbox his­tory. This month: Ben Tester I put count­less hours into my Xbox 360 play­ing [1]

Call Of Duty 4: Modern War­fare and the only time I put down the gamepad was to pick up the ‘Axe’ con­troller for [2] Gui­tar Hero III: Le­gends Of Rock . In terms of gam­ing prow­ess, noth­ing gave me a greater sense of achieve­ment than com­plet­ing Through the Fire and Flames on the most dif­fi­cult set­ting. I re­mem­ber em­brac­ing the ego­tis­ti­cal rock star in­side me and boast­ing about it to my friends with great de­light! Thank­fully those com­rades stuck around, as I needed their sup­port in [3] Happy

Wars which, at the time, I felt was mas­sively un­der­rated. A free-to-play game with a charm­ing de­sign, ad­dic­tive game­play and end­less amounts of char­ac­ter cus­tomi­sa­tion. I like to think it in­spired the Fort­nite phe­nom­e­non we see to­day. An­other high­light of my 360 days was [4] The Elder Scrolls

IV: Obliv­ion . I’m a fan of the fan­tasy se­ries and Obliv­ion was a huge step up from Mor­rowind. The world was truly im­mer­sive and Bethesda gave you the free­dom to cre­ate any kind of char­ac­ter you like, based on the way that you play the game. Fi­nally, on the orig­i­nal Xbox was [5] SoulCal­ibur II . Why this over any other in the se­ries? Weapon Mas­ter. The Weapon Mas­ter mode was a sin­gle player story-based ad­ven­ture mode with plenty of sub­stance. It had a healthy blend of fun chal­lenges, de­tailed lore and RPG style pro­gres­sion. It would be great to see modern fight­ing games in­cor­po­rate this much depth into a story mode.

Ben Tester PR & Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Man­ager, Wales In­ter­ac­tive Ben has been with Wales In­ter­ac­tive for four years and wears many hats. When he’s not car­ry­ing out PR du­ties, he’s cre­at­ing en­vi­ron­ments. Wales In­ter­ac­tive’s manag­ing di­rec­tor David Ban­ner was Ben’s game art lec­turer at uni­ver­sity where he stud­ied com­puter an­i­ma­tion.

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