Rage ain’t nothin’ but a num­ber. Two, in fact

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These days, ev­ery­thing seems to be about the apoca­lypse. Maybe it’s the melt­ing of the ice caps. Maybe it’s Brexit, or Trump, or the kind of ex­is­ten­tial de­spair you get when you can’t find a sin­gle match­ing pair of socks, and it’s Mon­day, and all you’ve got is two socks, one of which says ‘Thursday’ and the other ‘Saturday’. Whatever, doom is big in videogames – Fall­out 76, Far Cry: New Dawn, Metro

Ex­o­dus and a mil­lion oth­ers whose premise is the af­ter­math of a big atomic or en­vi­ron­men­tal catastrophe. Still, if some­thing must one day put an end to our com­fort­able ex­is­tences, we cer­tainly pre­fer the idea of pick­ing up some bloody big guns and hav­ing a lit­tle fun with it.

Thank­fully, Rage 2, Avalanche and id’s post-apoc­a­lyp­tic shooter, looks like be­ing the most joy you can pos­si­bly have fol­low­ing the break­down of so­ci­ety’s moral­ity and the to­tal col­lapse of the rule of law. It’s Mad Max in all but name – though more

Be­yond Thun­der­dome than Fury Road – and new de­tails from last month’s Game Awards have ramped up our ex­pec­ta­tions of its grand-scale car­nage still fur­ther.

Set in a huge, open-world waste­land fol­low­ing a cat­a­strophic me­teor hit,

Rage 2 throws ev­ery­thing at the player and en­joys the en­su­ing may­hem.

The team­ing of Avalanche, ex­perts in open-world de­struc­tion cour­tesy of the Just Cause fran­chise, with FPS dons iD ( Doom, Wolfen­stein, Quake), looks like it will re­sult in one of the most per­fectly in­sane games of 2019. And when we say ‘open world’, Rage 2’ s world re­ally does look mas­sive. Luck­ily there are Mad Max- style ar­moured dune bug­gies, trucks and other ve­hi­cles to tear around in – in­clud­ing the newly un­veiled mon­ster trucks and gy­ro­copters, the lat­ter of which will be par­tic­u­larly handy if you want to get around and see all of the world’s var­ied post-apoc­a­lyp­tic biomes.

Act your Rage

It’s no sur­prise that the game throws a crazy range of weaponry at you, in­clud­ing the re­turn of the three­bladed boomerang, aka Wing­stick, from the first Rage. Ev­ery­thing looks won­der­fully de­struc­tible, and of course your ar­se­nal of ve­hi­cle-mounted guns, hand-can­nons, au­to­matic laserblasters and mis­sile launch­ers are go­ing to need a good amount of fodder to take it out on. For­tu­nately, the game throws en­e­mies at you, and it looks like colour­fully-garbed psy­chos, ar­moured raiders and other bad guys will never be in short sup­ply as you burn through the world fol­low­ing the loos­est kind of re­venge story. Your char­ac­ter is Walker, the last of the Ranger faction, out for vengeance against the Au­thor­ity, who would im­pose or­der on the waste­land through force, and the chaotic fac­tions of raiders who, to give them their due, at least look like they’re hav­ing a lot of fun in the post-apoca­lypse.

You also have some­thing called ‘nan­otrite’ powers. In the first Rage, nan­otrites were tiny ‘robots’ in­jected into your body that work to re­pair dam­aged cells, re­vive you and even send out a de­struc­tive elec­tric pulse to kill ev­ery­one in the vicin­ity, so we’re ex­cited to see how far you can push these su­per-sci­ence powers in the new game. There’s also some­thing called ‘Over­drive’, which will al­low you to push your guns be­yond their lim­its. Pub­lish­ers Bethesda boast that Rage 2’ s ‘shooter­verse’ will al­low you to go any­where, shoot any­thing and ex­plode ev­ery­thing, which cer­tainly sounds good to us, and we can’t wait to be let loose in said Shooter­verse when the game re­leases on May 14.

“You burn through the world fol­low­ing the loos­est kind of re­venge story”

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