Tweak­ing tips to get the most ac­cu­rate con­troller ex­pe­ri­ence pos­si­ble with Mi­crosoft’s lux­ury pe­riph­eral

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The Xbox One Elite Con­troller is un­doubt­edly the finest game pad ever built. Hold Mi­crosoft’s lux­ury pe­riph­eral in your hands for the briefest mo­ment and you’d find it hard to ar­gue against it. Though it car­ries a pre­mium price tag, the Elite’s worth is in­stantly ev­i­dent once you spend time with it. Finely crafted and more cus­tomis­able than any first-party pad in his­tory, it’s the es­sen­tial ac­ces­sory for Xbox gamers.

With change­able sticks, D-pads, and trig­gers you can tweak to your pref­er­ence, there is no greater weapon in the hands of an as­pir­ing PUBG or Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII champ than this. Even if you’re not a com­pet­i­tive eS­ports wannabe, the Elite Con­troller has enough change­able pa­ram­e­ters to make any game more en­joy­able.

Thanks to the Xbox Ac­ces­sories app, Mi­crosoft’s top pe­riph­eral is as di­verse as can be. Not only can you re­as­sign any but­ton with a re­place­ment of your choice, you can tweak the strength of the con­troller’s four rum­ble sen­sors. Even more im­pres­sive? If you’re an FPS ob­ses­sive, tinker with the dead zones of both ana­logue sticks to im­prove your head­shot­ting prow­ess. With sav­able pre­sets and other gran­u­lar tweaks, the Elite Con­troller is down­right es­sen­tial.

01 Get the app

The Xbox Ac­ces­sories app is the key to un­lock­ing the po­ten­tial of your shiny new pad. With it, you can remap ev­ery but­ton on your con­troller and set pre­sets for your favourite games. Per­haps you feel en­cour­ag­ing your horse to ride in Red Dead Re­demp­tion II with a stab of A feels too flat? Then re­as­sign A to a trig­ger and relish in the more vis­ceral rid­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. You can even name pre­sets for spe­cific games.

02 Know your game

Cer­tain ti­tles like to defy tra­di­tional con­troller con­ven­tion for lit­tle rea­son. Ex­am­ple? If you’re an Xbox Game Pass user, down­load BioShock In­fi­nite and say with a straight face that press­ing down on the right stick for iron sights doesn’t feel all kinds of un­nat­u­ral. The beauty of the Elite is that you can re­con­fig­ure the baf­fling choices of de­vel­op­ers thanks to the con­troller’s remap­ping func­tions.

03 Use the pad­dles

The Elite comes with four lux­u­ri­ously de­signed me­tal pad­dles that can be at­tached to the back of the pad. You can as­sign these op­tional ex­tras to any but­ton you wish. Want a quicker way to shoot play­ers in Fort­nite? Then make the snap­pier P1 pad­dle a sub­sti­tute for the left trig­ger. In­stant and re­spon­sive, these op­tional but­tons can give you the quick­handed ad­van­tage in the tens­est of death­matches.

04 Trig­ger happy

Both of the Elite Con­troller’s trig­gers can be tweaked to your ex­act spec­i­fi­ca­tion. The dead zone of the most im­por­tant parts of your pad can be pre­cisely tweaked to match your needs. If you’re find­ing pulling off head­shots in Bat­tle­field V to be a lit­tle un­re­spon­sive, make your trig­gers that bit more sen­si­tive with the Xbox Ac­ces­sories app’s Trig­gers tabs. More ac­cu­rate kills await for the ob­ser­vant, pad-tweak­ing player.

05 Cus­tom pro­files

You can eas­ily cre­ate cus­tom con­trol pro­files, then in­stantly switch to them by as­sign­ing them a slot. Swap be­tween pro­files in a flash by flick­ing the pro­file but­ton on the cen­tre of the Elite Con­troller. There are also a num­ber of com­mu­nity pro­files you can down­load for spe­cific games, like the Con­jure Weapon pre­set for Fi­nal Fan­tasy XV that lets you switch out weapons with­out tak­ing your fin­ger off the stick.

06 Switch it up

Both the Elite’s ana­logue sticks and D-pad can be swapped out for al­ter­na­tives. The de­fault sticks can be switched with a longer vari­ant or a stub­bier one with a cir­cu­lar head. The funky faceted D-pad also has more pres­sure points which are ideal for pulling off com­bos in beat-‘em-ups. And if you play a lot of shoot­ers, ex­per­i­ment with the hair-trig­ger locks on the back of the con­troller for faster head­shots.

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