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Just when we though, a)

Fort­nite can’t be beaten and, b) no­body needs an­other bat­tle royale, ApexLe­gends came out of nowhere. It’s proof that you don’t need li­censed fran­chises to cap­ture gamers’ hearts and minds. Good move, EA.

Apex Leg­ends’ sur­prise launch was a great move, but EA needs to be care­ful how it han­dles the game’s sud­den suc­cess. Its busi­ness model first, game­play sec­ond strat­egy has run too many iconic fran­chises into the ground – it’s time to change.

The sud­den an­nounce­ment and re­lease of ApexLe­gends was an in­cred­i­bly good move. By do­ing it this way, EA cir­cum­vented the in­evitable back­lash it would have got for ap­pear­ing to fol­low trends by putting out a bat­tle royale game. Smart.

Chris Burke

Robin Valen­tine

Adam Bryant

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