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PUB­LISHER BIGBEN IN­TER­AC­TIVE DE­VEL­OPER EKO SOFT­WARE ETA JUNE 2019 Lovers of couch co-op dun­geon crawlers re­joice and quaff mead in an iso­met­ri­cally rep­re­sented tav­ern! Warham­mer: Chaos­bane is im­mi­nent, and though it takes its set­ting from the Old World of Games Work­shop’s Warham­mer Fan­tasy Battle uni­verse, be­ing an ac­tion RPG it has more in com­mon with clas­sic iso­met­ric fan­tasy games like Di­ablo and Gaunt­let.

We got busy with the game’s lat­est beta phase, af­ter de­vel­oper Big Ben un­veiled the fourth and fi­nal of its playable char­ac­ters, the wood elf archer Elessa. Elessa’s pow­ers, aside from some pow­er­ful arrow-based at­tacks, in­clude sum­mon­ing a Groot­like tree spirit – a dryad – to help in battle, a nifty dodge-roll out of dan­ger and spin­ning knife blades to clear away en­e­mies who are in­vad­ing her per­sonal space.

Elessa joins a party of up to four char­ac­ters – yes, you can play lo­cally or on­line with up to three other play­ers, or go it alone. The other playable char­ac­ters in­clude Konrad Vollen, a hu­man soldier spe­cial­is­ing in close-up com­bat, so is pretty much the tank class, an axe-wield­ing dwarf Slayer called Bragi Axebiter (he’s a Slayer who’s a dwarf, not a slayer of dwarves), whose role is that of DPS. Fi­nally there’s a spell­caster. Elon­tir, one of our favourites and a high elf mage who can throw mul­ti­ple bounc­ing fire­balls around the place.

Chaos is the word

With even two char­ac­ters on-screen it’s ab­so­lute car­nage as the game throws busy waves of crea­tures at you, which you’re go­ing to rapidly turn into ground beef.

When you’re done, all that’s left is loot which you can then pick up, trade, or equip to change your look and buff your stats. All very fa­mil­iar to play­ers of Di­ablo III in par­tic­u­lar, of course, but just be­cause Chaos­bane is tread­ing a well-worn path doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand out on its own. For starters, it looks pretty im­pres­sive, while the ac­tion is fast and smooth, and the set­tings of the Old World, a con­ti­nent rav­aged by the Great War Against Chaos – a par­tic­u­larly bloody con­flict that’s dec­i­mated the Em­pire Of Men – are beau­ti­fully re­alised.

The con­trols are in­tu­itively mapped, mak­ing use of both left and right sticks as well as hav­ing your avail­able skills mapped to the main but­tons, plus RB. You have a bot­tom­less heal­ing po­tion too, drunk with LB, but it has a cooldown pe­riod. Should your char­ac­ter die, you can of course be res­ur­rected by a team-mate. Fill up your Blood­lust me­ter and you can un­leash a dev­as­tat­ing at­tack, unique to each class. It’s just our chaotic cup of tea, this one, and we can’t wait to get hack­ing and slash­ing when the game launches on Xbox One in June.

Throw­ing a Gaunt­let down to chal­lenge for the couch co-op crown “You can play lo­cally or on­line with up to three other play­ers, or go it alone”

Be­low If you like mo­bile ranged char­ac­ters, you should get to grips with wood elf Elessa.

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