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All any­one’s talk­ing about right now is Keanu in

that Cy­ber­punk game… so this month we re­turn to another cy­ber­punk classic, Deus Ex Hu­man

Rev­o­lu­tion . Our writer dons fu­tur­is­tic shades and bravely at­tempts to go through the game with­out killing any­one... see what hap­pens on page 96! With E3 still fresh in our minds, and with the prom­ise of a new Star Wars game where you get to play as a Jedi, what bet­ter time to re­visit an iconic RPG set in the Star Wars uni­verse? Star Wars: Knights Of

The Old Repub­lic is a BioWare classic on the orig­i­nal Xbox, and we dive back into that im­pres­sive world on page 98. We’re big fans of tac­ti­cal shooter se­ries XCOM, and our man takes things a lit­tle fur­ther and re­cruits the en­tire OXM team into his

XCOM 2 squad. How do we fare against the alien threat? Find out on page 99! Lar­ian pretty much wrote the rule­book for turn-based RPGs with its

Di­vin­ity se­ries, and we take a Ret­ro­spec­tive look at one of our favourites in the se­ries, Di­vin­ity 2: Ego Dra­co­nis (p100). Next, we ex­plain why we love Turn­ing Back Time (p104), then round up the Best

Pow­ers In Xbox Games (p106). Fi­nally we have ev­ery­thing you need for your Xbox in Direc­to­ries (p110), from the best games you can play to the best hard­ware and stream­ing on your con­sole.

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