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It makes sense, doesn’t it? So much of

Minecraft is spent ex­plor­ing dun­geons and fend­ing off mobs in search of re­sources. Why not boil that down into a pur­pose-built dun­geon crawler, where four play­ers can buddy up on­line or in couch co-op, and ex­plore hith­erto un­known cor­ners of the Minecraft uni­verse? Why not in­deed. Minecraft

Dun­geons’ E3 2019 turn shows huge lava-filled caves, armies of skele­tons march­ing be­fore a mys­te­ri­ous ruler on a throne, and all man­ner of trap­doors. In ad­di­tion to these new lo­ca­tions, Mo­jang is bring­ing some new en­emy types to com­ple­ment the fa­mil­iar old mobs, in­clud­ing those of a larger, epic boss va­ri­ety. En­vi­ron­ments will still be ran­domly gen­er­ated though, so it’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see how Dun­geons gets the pac­ing right in its chal­lenges.

New el­e­ments make an ap­pear­ance in the game’s E3 trailer, like a shiny golden key which opens locked doors, and char­ac­ter abil­i­ties with AoE

dam­age – looks like party com­po­si­tion will be some­thing to con­sider, which is a weird sen­tence to write about a

Minecraft game. The re­source used to power at least some of those mag­i­cal at­tacks is Souls, and these can ev­i­dently be har­vested by us­ing items like the Cor­rupted Bea­con we glimpsed in the trailer.

This be­ing Minecraft, char­ac­ter cus­tomi­sa­tion also gets its dues. Tra­di­tional ar­moured war­riors, fur-clad bar­bar­ians, colo­nial era witch hunter-like garb and what we can only de­scribe as generic back­packed ad­ven­turer at­tire are con­firmed, but there’s no way Mo­jang won’t shower you with aesthetic op­tions, is there? THE DE­VEL­OPER SAYS… “We have the vi­su­als, the char­ac­ter an­i­ma­tions and how they move, and us­ing the power we have avail­able to us we make it ex­tra moody.” David Nis­sha­gen, ex­ec­u­tive producer

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