em­pire of sin

Show Chicago the true mean­ing of mob rule

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THE DE­VEL­OPER SAYS… “All the in­ter­ac­tions, I think make it way more in­ter­est­ing and com­plex than just a pure strat­egy game.” John Romero, co­founder, Romero Games

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It’s the 1920s, and the streets of Chicago are awash with cor­rup­tion and black mar­ket liquor. As a fresh-faced mob boss saun­ter­ing onto the scene, your goal is to take over the city racket by racket, forg­ing an em­pire of casi­nos, broth­els and speakeasie­s.

Suc­cess re­quires no small amount of strat­egy. As an as­pir­ing king­pin you’ll need to man­age your var­i­ous il­licit busi­nesses across the city map, be­fore zoom­ing in for turn-based bat­tles to de­fend your ill-got­ten turf.

Your crew of gang­sters is more than just a set of blank-faced sol­diers to com­mand, how­ever. Each has their own ran­domised traits, tem­per­a­ment, and even re­la­tion­ships with other peo­ple in the city, all of which can af­fect your bat­tle for supremacy. Re­cruit­ing a new en­forcer, for ex­am­ple, might be rather eas­ier if they’re friends with your sec­ond-in­com­mand, and a par­tic­u­larly cruel hired gun might be bet­ter suited to an at­tack on your ri­vals.

These fac­tors even change over time based on what your re­cruits do and what jobs you send them to com­plete. Send that blood­thirsty gun­man to carry out one too many ex­e­cu­tions and he might pick up a sadis­tic streak you can’t con­trol, car­ry­ing out un­sanc­tioned killings. Other crew mem­bers might feel un­com­fort­able work­ing with him, and he cer­tainly won’t be best suited to body­guard duty.

These emer­gent sys­tems prom­ise to add a won­der­ful dash of chaos to the his­tor­i­cal strat­egy, and the set­ting is ab­so­lutely drip­ping with at­mo­sphere. Just make sure you get all your tax pa­per­work in or­der…

BELOW Em­pire Of Sin re­ally cap­tures the at­mo­sphere of Pro­hi­bi­tion­era Chicago.

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