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Lon­don’s call­ing… and the line has been tapped

XBox: The Official Magazine - - OXM SPECIAL - Adam Bryant Staff writer

DE­VEL­OPER/PUB­LISHER Ubisoft Toronto/ Ubisoft RE­LEASE DATE 6 March

Con­trary to what grow­ing up with crotch­ety, an­tiqueob­sessed el­derly rel­a­tives may have taught you, OAPs can be badass. Just take the ul­tra-ag­gres­sive granny who cap­tured the gam­ing world’s imag­i­na­tion at the E3 re­veal of Ubisoft’s lat­est hack­tas­tic open world. Like a slightly less spry Sam Fisher, this awe­some pen­sioner takes out a num­ber of guards all thanks to this Lon­don­set sand­box’s killer new fea­ture.

In WatchDogsL­e­gion, you can take con­trol of any NPC in the game. Any. Sin­gle. One… well, aside from the evil-do­ers the Blume and Al­bion cor­po­ra­tions have on their pay­roll. Un­like its two pre­de­ces­sors, the star of this three­quel is very much its city. When you have an en­tire Old Smoke’s worth of civil­ians to en­list, who needs a grumpy dude in a trench coat as a lead? Ai­den Pearce, you’re re­ally not missed, pal.

Set in a Lon­don where the UK’s al­ready left the EU, the plot

re­volves around the re­turn­ing Ded­Sec’s ef­forts to de­rail Blume’s so­ci­ety-con­trol­ling schemes. Brexit may mean Brexit, but that can’t stop you from re­cruit­ing all man­ner of colour­ful NPCs to your cause.

Be it the afore­men­tioned kick­ass grandma or a chap by the name of Derek Adyebo who’s ad­dicted to adren­a­line – mean­ing he could die at any time – char­ac­ters are in­stantly re­place­able. Le­gion’s fo­cus on perma-death and ex­pend­able have-a-go heroes is the bold­est ex­am­ple we’ve seen since Ubi’s mis­un­der­stood Zombi.

Though you can re­cruit an en­tire city of NPCs, those you en­list can only be as­signed one of three classes: the com­bat-fo­cused En­forcer, the sneaky In­fil­tra­tor, or the drone-favour­ing Hacker. If Le­gion nails its head­line NPC fea­ture, this could be 2020’s bold­est open world.


“There are 20 ver­sions of Le­gion’s script... We’re talk­ing dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters, dif­fer­ent per­sonas, dif­fer­ent voices, dif­fer­ent act­ing.” Clint Hock­ing, cre­ative di­rec­tor, Ubisoft Toronto

“If Ubisoft nails its head­line NPC fea­ture, Watch Dogs Le­gion could be 2020’s bold­est open world”

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