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The Force’s First Fam­ily throws a block party

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THE DE­VEL­OPER SAYS… “We have new AI , we have new cam­era sys­tems, we have new com­bat, we have new shoot­ing… we wanted to do a new over­haul of our tech­nol­ogy.” James McLough­lin, game di­rec­tor, TT Games


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Our bod­ies are be­yond ready for block-based Porgs. Thanks to TT’s lat­est brick builder, The Last Jedi’s adorable alien pen­guin thin­gies are fi­nally flap­ping onto Xbox One. Not only does this mark the LEGO de­but forRian John­son’s po­lar­is­ing sci-fi flick, but the up­com­ing The Rise Of

Sky­walker is also be­ing treated to a blocky makeover in this bumper Star Wars cel­e­bra­tion. With a new cam­paign that spans all nine main­line films, LEGO Star Wars:

The Sky­walker Saga is al­ready mak­ing our Midichlo­ri­ans hot and both­ered. The story mode also lets you play through the movies’ main set­pieces in any or­der you see fit, so if you’d rather not in­fect your screen with Jar Jar and skip straight to the Bat­tle of Hoth in­stead, you can. Poor Binks.

TT is promis­ing a com­plete re­vamp of the first seven films’ lev­els. Re­mem­ber, both the orig­i­nal and pre­quel trilo­gies re­ceived their own games back on Xbox 360, while The

Force Awak­ens also got a rather splen­did LEGO tie-in in 2016. If you were hop­ing for a fresh over­haul of

The Phan­tom Men­ace’s triple-threat saber duel, you’re in luck, Padawan.

The Sky­walker Saga also in­tro­duces new hub ar­eas, in­clud­ing Yoda’s home­world Dagobah, and Starkiller Base. See­ing as TT al­ready made a Jakku hub in LEGO Star Wars: The Force

Awak­ens, don’t be sur­prised if Rey’s desert makes an ap­pear­ance, too.

As long as the cam­paign doesn’t linger too much on the pre­quels’ worst mo­ments – we’re look­ing at you, hor­ri­bly padded speeder chase from

At­tack Of The Clones – this should pro­vide Force fun times in abun­dance.

BE LOW Darth Maul gets to show off his ac­ro­batic fight­ing skills in LEGO form all over again.

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