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Post-apoc­a­lyp­tic zom­bie slaugh­ter? Yes please!

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“With in­trigu­ing zom­bie me­chan­ics, this is shoot­ing for un­dead ex­cel­lence” THE DE­VEL­OPER SAYS… “Ev­ery­thing can change. The state of the world is al­ways the re­sult of the de­ci­sions that you make. The choices you make al­low you to make your own ver­sion of this city.” Kor­nel Jaskula, se­nior producer, Tech­land


Tech­land/Square Enix


Spring 2020

Turns out, the sec­ond word in that ti­tle has a very lit­eral im­pact on Tech­land’s un­dead open world. Un­like most zom­bie fic­tion, the brain-biters in this sand­box start off su­per dan­ger­ous, then grad­u­ally be­come less of a threat un­der cer­tain con­di­tions. If the ghouls of this spry se­quel get ex­posed to too much (wait for it) light, they be­come much slower, less mur­dery shad­ows of their for­mer selves. De­spite sev­eral de­lays and a new 2020 launch date, Dy­ing Light 2 rocked

up to E3 in con­fi­dent form. The con­cept of its zom­bie life cy­cle cer­tainly feels unique. When they first turn, the game’s un­dead be­come ag­ile, highly ag­gres­sive Biters, but should they wan­der around too much in the day­light, they slowly morph into shuf­fling, more pas­sive Biters. Get too much of a de­com­pos­ing tan from that point, and they fi­nally de­volve into su­per slow De­gen­er­ates.

Dy­ing Light 2’ s city, which is called… um, The City, also morphs and evolves based on your choices. Do you side with black mar­ket forces and de­prive the needy of wa­ter? Or do you fight them to en­sure ev­ery foun­tain in the city is free and spurt­ing gratis H2O? What­ever de­ci­sion you make, these key quan­daries have a last­ing vis­ual im­pact on the world.

The se­quel’s new hero fi­nally has a name, too. Meet Ai­den Cald­well. Ugh. De­spite his eye­rolling name, Ai­den ap­pears to have hid­den lay­ers. Dur­ing the trailer he re­veals he’s in­fected with the un­dead virus, with a mys­te­ri­ous elec­tronic bracelet seem­ingly all that stands be­tween him and an all-brain diet. With in­trigu­ing zom­bie me­chan­ics and a re­vised park­our sys­tem, Dy­ing Light

2 is shoot­ing for un­dead ex­cel­lence.

above The game’s hero, Ai­den Cald­well, sur­veys the smok­ing ru­ins of The City.

above The zom­bies in this game have an aver­sion to sun­light.

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