Ubisoft’s sec­ond trip to an­cient Greece fol­lows a new creed

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Pub­lisher Ubisoft De­vel­oper ubisoft que­bec ETA 25 Fe­bru­ary 2020 Af­ter the sprawl­ing epic that was As­sas­sin’s Creed Odyssey, you might think Ubisoft would be done with the world of an­cient Greece. Not so, ap­par­ently – though not con­nected to the AC series, this new ac­tion RPG dips right back into the clas­si­cal world, and comes from the same devel­op­ment team, Ubisoft Que­bec. This time, though, mythol­ogy and magic are front and cen­tre as you bat­tle mon­sters in ser­vice of the gods.

“What was cool about div­ing into a set­ting like we did with As­sas­sin’s

Creed Odyssey was that you start to know quite a bit about it,” says cre­ative di­rec­tor Jonathan Du­mont in an interview re­leased by Ubisoft. “We re­ally con­nected with the mytho­log­i­cal as­pects of an­cient Greece. The gods, the mon­sters, the le­gends, the myths are all great, but build­ing an As­sas­sin’s Creed game lim­its what you can tap into. We started think­ing, what if we made some­thing that’s 100 per cent mythol­ogy?”

De­scribed as a ‘sto­ry­book ad­ven­ture’, Gods & Mon­sters is framed as a tale the poet Homer is telling to

“We re­ally con­nected with the mytho­log­i­cal as­pects of an­cient Greece”

his grand­chil­dren. That’s re­flected in its light-hearted world, the Isle Of The Blessed, a colour­ful, vi­brant land that couldn’t be more invit­ing, de­spite an abun­dance of gor­gons and harpies. You play the hero Fenyx, a fully cus­tomis­able char­ac­ter equipped with the magic items of the gods and in­vested with myth­i­cal power.

“We de­signed Odyssey with spe­cial abil­i­ties, so we took that and put it on steroids for Gods & Mon­sters,” says Du­mont. “When you’re fight­ing and you trig­ger your abil­i­ties, you’re go­ing to wreck the en­e­mies you’re fac­ing. You can ex­pect fast-paced com­bat that takes place on the ground and the air.”

God’s gift

Those same items and abil­i­ties will play into ex­plo­ration, too, al­low­ing you to access new ar­eas. The Boots Of Her­mes, for ex­am­ple, grant a dou­ble jump – not only can that be used to leap up for a strike at a cy­clops’ eye, or at a dive-bomb­ing harpy, but also to reach high ar­eas and thereby open up more of the is­land to explore.

It’s hardly rev­o­lu­tion­ary stuff, but it’s look­ing to come wrapped in an ex­cep­tion­ally charm­ing pack­age. And de­spite its ground­ing in well-worn mythol­ogy and foun­da­tions formed out of Odyssey, the team’s keen to stress this is a truly dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion for the team.

“Starting with a blank page is very ex­cit­ing for us,” says the game’s se­nior pro­ducer Marc-Alexis Côté. “Bring­ing our open-world skills that we’ve been hon­ing for the last ten years work­ing on As­sas­sin’s Creed, and hav­ing the chance to work on this blank page to cre­ate some­thing new and fresh, is very ex­cit­ing for me.”

Be­low The vil­lain­ous gi­ant Typhon has un­leashed mon­sters on the divine isle.

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