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On the Xbox One X, have your Con­troller at the ready, head to Kinect & De­vices in Set­tings. From the list of de­vices you have paired, se­lect the con­troller you want and ‘Con­fig­ure’. From here you can remap ev­ery but­ton, per­ma­nently in­vert X/Y axes, swap the func­tion­al­ity on the sticks, trig­gers, the lot. If there are a few gamers in your home using the same con­sole, you can link Gamertags to spe­cific con­trollers. Set­tings/Ac­count, then ac­ti­vate Con­troller Sign In… this means that when a but­ton on a spe­cific gamepad is pressed, the player linked to that con­troller will be signed in!

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