chil­dren of morta

Ad­ven­tur­ing in a danger­ous land is scary, but at least you’ve got your fam­ily

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Fam­ily is every­thing in this RPG from Dead Mage. You don’t just play as one mem­ber of the Berg­son fam­ily, but rather the whole lot. The Bergsons are a clan of heroes and the guardians of Mount Morta who have pro­tected the world of Rea for gen­er­a­tions. In re­cent times a cor­rup­tion brought on by an an­cient evil has been spread­ing through­out the land, and it’s up to this fear­less fam­ily to drive it back.

The game’s strong the­matic fo­cus on fa­mil­ial bonds echoes through­out the en­tire de­sign. You start out by play­ing as the pa­tri­arch, John, but you’ll be able to play as many oth­ers. Each Berg­son has their own fight­ing style, pow­ers and abil­i­ties – for ex­am­ple, John, with his sword and shield, is a tank, while Linda, the el­dest daugh­ter, fo­cuses on lon­grange com­bat with her bow. There are other, more stealthy char­ac­ters, or those that fo­cus on magic, so you’ll be able to find a unique hero that suits your own style of play.

Give it a rest

You will, how­ever, need to switch up who you play as from time to time. The longer you ad­ven­ture and ex­plore, the more you’re ex­posed to the cor­rup­tion that plagues the land, and it will start to in­fect your char­ac­ter. It’s not per­ma­nent, but does re­quire you to leave Bergsons at home to rest from time to time. Each fam­ily mem­ber has their own jour­ney, and you’ll see them im­prove and grow, both nar­ra­tively and phys­i­cally, as you progress.

The cor­rup­tion is also chang­ing the world around you, so ev­ery for­est, dungeon and temple you ex­plore will be dif­fer­ent ev­ery run. You’ll ad­ven­ture through th­ese pro­ce­du­rally gen­er­ated ar­eas un­til you de­feat the boss at the end, or die. Death doesn’t end the game, though; ev­ery time you lose a life, you’re re­turned to the fam­ily home. This home­stead acts as your hub space, where you’ll have the op­por­tu­nity to up­grade abil­i­ties and learn more about the world and the Berg­son fam­ily. Un­cle Ben the black­smith will help you up­grade and en­hance your gear, and Grandma Mar­garet, a seer and al­chemist, is able to brew po­tions and helps you in­crease your char­ac­ters’ at­tributes. As you level up, you gain skill points which you can spend on each in­di­vid­ual Berg­son to ob­tain new abil­i­ties, and there are also some pow­ers that you can ob­tain which the whole fam­ily can take ad­van­tage of.

There’s some­thing won­der­fully unique about the idea of ad­ven­tur­ing as a fam­ily. Com­bine this with the in­ter­est­ing game­play me­chan­ics and beau­ti­ful and ex­pres­sive art style, and you have a com­pelling game that will likely keep you hooked.

“You’ll be able to find a unique hero that suits your own style of play”

TOP Lucy is the bud­ding mage of the fam­ily and can deftly fling fire­balls at foes.

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