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XBox: The Official Magazine - - REVIEW -

Can’t make sense of our out-of-ten rating sys­tem? Then see below for your at-a-glance guide.

10 A gam­ing mas­ter­piece

9 An es­sen­tial slice of bril­liance

8 Give it a whirl and you won’t re­gret it

7 Some mi­nor flaws but still good

6 Solid, but not set­ting any loins aflame

5 Av­er­age. Not good, but not ter­ri­ble either

4 Honks just a bit

3 Look away, lest ye be tainted

2 An­gry-mak­ingly bad

1 Just... no...

ß Ti­tles with this sym­bol are on Game Preview, so while they aren’t fin­ished, you can still find out if they’re worth play­ing.

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