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The Blackstorm M490, AKA the ‘black hole gun’ doesn’t merely kill your en­e­mies, although some would ar­gue that should be enough. No, in one of the finest ex­am­ples of overkill that we can think of, this weapon cre­ates a mini black hole where you aim it: a sin­gu­lar­ity that pulls all nearby ob­jects and crea­tures into it and, with the rapidly in­creas­ingly grav­ity at its cen­tre, rips them apart – ba­si­cally bring­ing a new mean­ing to the phrase ‘tear­ing some­one a new one’. The sheer power of this weapon comes in handy when you’re over­come by hordes of Husk en­e­mies, pulling them help­lessly into the air where they can con­tem­plate their doom be­fore be­ing turned into space-paste.

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