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What bet­ter game to kick off a his­tory of Star Wars on Xbox than with the beloved Knights Of The Old Repub­lic. This clas­sic is con­sid­ered not only to be one of the best Star Wars games ever made, but one of the best role-play­ing games ever on Xbox. Set al­most 4,000 years be­fore any Sky­walker was on the scene, you take con­trol of a sol­dier for the Galac­tic Repub­lic who, af­ter show­ing a strong affin­ity to the Force, trains to be­come a Jedi Knight to stop the evil Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak, from cre­at­ing an un­stop­pable Sith ar­mada. Or not. As is com­mon with BioWare RPGs the game fea­tures a moral­ity sys­tem, and de­pend­ing on your ac­tions or di­a­logue choices, your Force align­ment will tilt to­ward the Light or Dark side, al­ter­ing the story. This means that in­stead of stop­ping Darth Malak, you can suc­cumb to evil and usurp him to be­come the new Dark Lord.

The spec­tac­u­lar story was penned by Drew Karpyshyn, who also wrote sev­eral StarWars nov­els as well as the story for the first two MassEf­fect games, and con­tains one of the most sur­pris­ing twists in gam­ing. But its crown­ing achieve­ment was giv­ing you, for the first time in a StarWars game, a real sense that this was your story. Un­like pre­vi­ous games with pre­de­fined char­ac­ters, you cre­ated your own. As a re­sult, the mo­ment you get to cre­ate your own lightsaber and start your jour­ney to be­come a Jedi Knight is all the more un­for­get­table, as are the iconic char­ac­ters and peo­ple you meet on this planet-hop­ping ad­ven­ture. A must-play game for any

StarWars fan. n

“For the first time in a Star Wars game you got a real sense that this was your story”

ABOVE BioWare’s RPG is a planet-hop­ping ad­ven­ture with iconic char­ac­ters and a truly un­for­get­table story.

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