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Adam Bryant Staff writer One of the few re­main­ing Jedi left in ex­is­tence, Adi-am Bry­oni lives a shel­tered life on a desert planet. Most of the time he sits in his home play­ing holo- Halo.

War­ren Brown Se­nior art edi­tor You’ll find Warzo Brin posted up at the Mos Eis­ley Cantina. He paid Adi-Am 80,000 cred­its to teach him a Jedi Mind Trick so he can get free drinks for life.

Drew Sleep Pro­duc­tion edi­tor As a pro­to­col droid D3-Sleepeo earns his liv­ing by cor­rect­ing other peo­ple’s words and lan­guage. He claims he was once pro­claimed king of the Jawas.

Dave Meik­le­ham Con­trib­u­tor Drav Meeko is a gath­erer of in­tel­li­gence and cri­tique of your wares. You’ll find him on the streets of Cor­us­cant, hus­tling folk into games of rigged De­jarik.

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