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Like life, Dy­ing Light 2 is all about de­ci­sions. Ev­ery choice you make in this open-world ac­tion RPG se­quel af­fects the story and changes the world in dras­tic ways, and thanks to a re­cent in-depth game­play demo we’ve got a bet­ter idea of what those choices ac­tu­ally mean.

Set 15 years af­ter the pre­vi­ous game, the in­fected still rule the night. You play as Ai­den Cald­well, an in­fected sur­vivor with the fate of the last great hu­man set­tle­ment in his hands. You ar­rive in the city look­ing for a cure, but in­stead find a des­per­ate pop­u­la­tion that could use your help. Us­ing your unique abil­i­ties, weapons and park­our skills, you’ll be able to in­flu­ence peo­ple and change the city to your lik­ing – some­times in ways that you might not pre­dict. Through­out the game you’ll be forced to make on-thes­pot de­ci­sions. An early ex­am­ple is fea­tured dur­ing our hands-on demo.

Water re­serves are run­ning dry, and the man with the power to change that is the Colonel (who Ai­den and friends call the Butcher) who runs the city’s pump­ing sta­tion with his group of so-called Rene­gades. A meet­ing is called with these Rene­gades to come to an ar­range­ment, but things go south and our friend Frank is shot. We’re forced to choose be­tween stay­ing to aid Frank or chase the Rene­gades es­cap­ing in their truck. We leave Frank and run af­ter the bad­dies.

Park­our life

This gives us an op­por­tu­nity to see the new-and-im­proved tra­ver­sal sys­tem which lets you quickly move about the city. You can use in­fected as launch pads to reach higher ground, or as cush­ions for your falls, along with your usual swing­ing, wall-run­ning and slid­ing. Every­thing is about main­tain­ing your mo­men­tum while keep­ing an eye on your stamina. The grap­pling hook makes a re­turn, and now you’ve got a hang-glider to cross those larger gaps.

Catch­ing up with the truck prompts us to de­cide be­tween kick­ing the driver from the ve­hi­cle or threat­en­ing him to take us to the Colonel. We opt to keep our new pal alive and we eas­ily make it in­side the heav­ily for­ti­fied base, thanks to our new guide.

Once in­side, we’re taken aback. Chil­dren are seen laugh­ing and play­ing, while adults chat and go about their busi­ness. Every­thing seems sur­pris­ingly nor­mal. Noth­ing like what you’d ex­pect from a ‘Butcher’ and his Rene­gades. But there’s no time to think – our cover is blown and we’re told Frank has died from his wounds. It’s time to meet the Colonel and get some an­swers.

We reach the boss man, and he claims that we’re be­ing played. This sit­u­a­tion is start­ing to smell fishy. Did one of the Colonel’s men ac­tu­ally shoot Frank? What was Frank try­ing to tell us just be­fore we were forced to head over to the com­pound? In­stead of trust­ing the Colonel, we turn on the pumps. Do­ing so re­veals a new ex­pan­sive area to ex­plore that was pre­vi­ously sub­merged. But it seems the place was flooded for a rea­son. A blis­ter­ing and puss-filled arm stretches out from be­neath the mud only to flex and re­veal a row of spikes pro­trud­ing from its skin. Whoops…

All of these choices could have had dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent out­comes. Would Frank still be alive if we stayed? What would hap­pen if we sided with the Colonel? To see the world change be­fore our very eyes is an ex­cit­ing prospect, and although there’s a lit­tle way to go un­til Dy­ing Light 2’ s re­lease, some­thing tells us it’s go­ing to be worth the wait. ■

“You’ll be able to in­flu­ence peo­ple and change the city to your lik­ing”

FAR LEFT The choices you make could have big reper­cus­sions on the city.

ABOVE Ha! Our blade is bet­ter: it’s got a bat­tery at­tached to it.

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