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Read­ers ask the ex­perts: • How do you moor in a box berth? • Can I an­tifoul on one tide? • Should I split VHF and AIS aeri­als?

QCan you rec­om­mend a method for ap­ply­ing an­tifoul­ing be­tween tides? We would like to an­tifoul our bilge-keeler on the beach, rather than lift­ing out.

We can scrub off on the pre­vi­ous tide to save time. The prob­lem, af­ter fresh­wa­ter rins­ing and dry­ing, is hav­ing time for the paint to dry be­fore the boat re­floats. Paint man­u­fac­tur­ers nor­mally rec­om­mend im­prac­ti­cal dry­ing times but we don't want to waste paint by ru­in­ing it im­me­di­ately. Vic Camp­bell

ATrevor Field­ing, Bri­tish Coat­ings Fed­er­a­tion, replies: It is es­sen­tial to an­tifoul in a suit­able lo­ca­tion that meets with the ap­proval of the au­thor­i­ties, such as a hard-stand­ing bunded area away from the gen­eral pub­lic, where wash­ings and waste scrap­ings may be cap­tured and treated ac­cord­ingly. A beach does not com­ply with this re­quire­ment.

As re­gard to ‘im­prac­ti­cal’ dry­ing times, that I’m afraid is the na­ture of the chem­istry of our an­tifoul­ing coat­ings. Some may be slightly faster dry­ing than oth­ers, but the dry­ing times need to be re­spected to en­sure the cor­rect level of per­for­mance and longevity. Jane Swan, Project Man­ager at The

Green Blue, adds: Wher­ever you prep and ap­ply an­tifoul, it’s im­por­tant to catch pol­lu­tants and frag­ments in the run off from jet-wash­ing or scrub­bing, as well as dust and flakes when scrap­ing. When you are paint­ing, it’s also im­por­tant to catch drips and spills. This is why we rec­om­mend lift-out and the use of a wash­down area with in­ter­cep­tors, and then lay­ing tar­pau­lins un­der the boat when dry prep­ping and ap­ply­ing.

Dick Durham replies: I've an­tifouled my boat be­tween tides for years. Sim­ply pick a morn­ing and evening tide and put her against posts. As the tide ebbs, use a brush to scrub off, then leave to dry – it won't take more than an hour or two on a fine day – be­fore whack­ing on your new coat. Also sand and rinse off if you have time. An­tifoul dries very quickly and most paints now can be im­mersed straight away.

RIGHT: It is pos­si­ble to an­tifoul be­tween tides, but will you dam­age the paint or the en­vi­ron­ment by do­ing so?

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