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Are lin­ear galleys as an­noy­ing as they look? A U-shaped gal­ley that is not used as a pas­sage­way to else­where in the boat has to be the best lay­out. Kelpie The sofa be­hind the gal­ley makes a very use­ful perch for the cook. En­ables you to work with the boat healed with­out a bum strap and gives you foot brace as well. Dun­can99210


I flake the main­sail, I set a work­ing jib when go­ing up­wind and I put the spray-hood down most of the time. Am I mad? Or just mis­guided? DJE Mad! We have a very ef­fi­cient fully bat­tened lam­i­nate main­sail – eas­ily and quickly hoisted and stowed from a stack pack, so gets used often Dunedin


Today’s foray into the sharp el­bowed world of boat jum­bles was an odd one. The core de­mo­graphic ap­peared to be Methuse­lah’s older broth­ers. So­lent Clown I reg­u­larly go to the West of Scot­land boat jumble. Most at­ten­dees seem sig­nif­i­cantly younger than me, and I’m in my early fifties. Jumble Duck

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