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The first hoist needs to be in light winds. It is eas­ier to hoist the spin­naker with the jib set

– this avoids the spin­naker wrap­ping round the forestay be­fore it’s trimmed. Se­cure the bag on the fore­deck on the lee­ward side by the rail at the foot of the jib. At­tach the sheet and guy to the sail. Dou­ble check that the sheet and guy are over and not through the guardrails – ev­ery rac­ing skip­per will have had this prob­lem at least once. The guy goes round the front of the forestay. Hoist the heel of the pole on the mast to about head height. The outer end of the pole should be on the wind­ward side of the forestay.

Put the guy through the jaw of the pole. At­tach the hal­yard to the head of the sail; this is quite tricky as it has to pass out­side the jib. Hoist the outer end of the pole with the up­haul un­til it is hor­i­zon­tal. Have a lit­tle slack on the down­haul but se­cure it or it will lift up too far when the spin­naker fills

Us­ing the guy, pull the cor­ner of the spin­naker out of the bag. This is known as sneak­ing the guy. Hold on to or, if short crewed, se­cure the sheet and guy so they don’t run when they come un­der ten­sion.

Right, now for the big mo­ment. Steer down­wind to keep the spin­naker blan­keted by the main­sail and pull the spin­naker hal­yard han­dover-hand as fast as pos­si­ble. You might have to winch the last me­tre or so to get it to the top.

Winch in the guy, which will pull the pole back, and slowly steer up from a run to a broad reach. Sheet in the spin­naker and drop or roll up the jib. Wow! It fills and the boat’s speed jumps up.

Be­fore you hoist, pre­pare the spin­naker on what will be the lee­ward side

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