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Over­sheet­ing the spin­naker makes the boat less sta­ble and heel over more. In windy weather this can cause the boat to screw up into the wind in a broach and it is in­vari­ably ac­com­pa­nied by a lot of sail flap­ping and an alarm­ing amount of heel.

The main and spin­naker sheets need to be eased to al­low the helm to steer down­wind and get the boat back on its feet. Re­leas­ing the kick­ing strap will lift the boom and al­low wind to spill out of the head of the main. This is im­por­tant if the boat has heeled so far over in the wind that the boom is drag­ging in the wa­ter.

A com­mon mis­take is to have the guy too far for­ward with the sail bil­low­ing like wash­ing on the line. The boat will heel over more than with the cor­rect trim and you’ll need to use more helm, which is slower.

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