Time to ditch red diesel

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Am I alone in my at­ti­tude to red diesel?

I very much doubt it. A great deal of ef­fort and print has been de­voted to this is­sue. I have to say, if peo­ple are re­ally us­ing 40% (the gen­er­ally ac­cepted ‘fair’ pro­por­tion) of their diesel on heat­ing, most boats would have melted away by now. And how much does the lower tax rate on 40% of a tank re-fill re­ally save you? Is it enough that some­one wealthy enough to own a boat would be­grudge pay­ing it to sup­port those that do not even have a home? It re­ally can’t be. Per­son­ally, I al­ways in­sist on pay­ing full duty (I can­not jus­tify the tax de­duc­tion, since my heat­ing so rarely works!) and keep­ing a re­ceipt to prove it.

The var­i­ous bat­tles with, in par­tic­u­lar, Bel­gium, but also France and Hol­land, over re­cent years, are a small taste of what will be hap­pen­ing once the UK leaves the EU, when there will no longer even be a le­git­i­mate fo­rum in which to dis­cuss it. We will likely all be fined at ev­ery port we en­ter, at the very least pour en­cour­ager les autres, not to men­tion the sim­ple spite that the rest of Europe seems to have in store for us Brits across a wide front post-brexit.

Let’s face facts and con­vert all ma­rina fuel sup­plies to white diesel at full rate and move on from this te­dious, and soon to be very ex­pen­sive, de­bate.

Luke Ran­dolph

Red Diesel will be an even more con­tentious is­sue post-brexit

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