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Also at the show was a great range of interestin­g small yachts, not all of which I managed to get around, as much as I’d have loved to. As last year, Pointer was there with its 30 (tested in the last issue of YM), 25 and

22. Bente was again showing its cool 28 and

24. Saffier had six models on show, from their SC 6.5 all the way up to the SE 37 Lounge, and new plans for the their first proper cruising boat, the SL 46. New to the show, however, was the very cool SE 24 Lite – a sporty little boat with loads of performanc­e potential, with very scant accommodat­ion below and a European Yacht of the Year win to its name.

From Hungary was an even sportier little boat, the Flaar 24, which has a slippery, powerful carbon hull with a carbon rig to match. The electrical­ly lifting keel and lifting rudders mean it’s quick and easy to tow, and sturdy enough for inshore waters.

Two other boats caught my eye. The Black Pepper Code Zero, an ultra-modern, all carbon machine of a boat, but that’s stuck with teak decks and classic deckhouse styling. It’s a model that’s been a round for a few years, but given that the yard also build IMOCAS as well as large race yachts and cruising cats, this is undoubtedl­y a dynamic top end boat yard producing some truly striking looking boats.

No less striking, although more traditiona­l in appearance, is the Menken Flyer 33. This vessel is also in the same vein of weekenders at a length overall that used to be a good-sized cruising boat.

With a plumb stem, large stern overhang and an extensive quarter deck, it doesn’t matter that this boat has little more than sitting headroom when you make your way down below. However, this is a gorgeous boat and that’s all that matters.

 ?? ?? Saffier SE 24 Lite
Saffier SE 24 Lite
 ?? ?? Menken Flyer 33
Menken Flyer 33
 ?? ?? Flaar 24
Flaar 24
 ?? ?? Black Pepper Code Zero
Black Pepper Code Zero

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