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Get hooked on sailing

Chartering is the best way to get novices into sailing, and it keeps veterans coming back for more

- Theo Stocker Editor, Yachting Monthly

What could be better than tying up in a little harbour at the end of a rewarding sail, sipping drinks in the cockpit? As the sun goes down, you head ashore for freshly grilled seafood at the family-run restaurant 20 yards away. In the morning, hot coffee and fresh bread from the bakery starts the day. The first bay of the morning beckons and, slipping lines, you’re soon anchoring off a beach and diving into the limpid waters.

A far cry from the daily grind and commuting in the rain, it’s easy to see why, for many, chartering is their first foray into sailing. Soon you’ll be back for more. Fortunatel­y, there’s always more to discover – whether you return to the same Greek islands every year, work your way around Mediterran­ean coastlines, or venture out to charters in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean or even the Pacific.

With the internet at our fingertips, the choice is yours. Catamaran or monohull? Winter sun or summer heat? What about venturing further afield – Norway, Holland, or other more adventurou­s waters? Bareboat, flotilla or skippered?

The options can get a bit overwhelmi­ng, so we’ve picked a handful of leading charter operators, brokers and boats to offer you the full range of options, from adventurou­s voyages to chilled-out flotillas, or, chip in with friends and family and you could have a crewmember bringing you cocktails on a superyacht’s sun lounger.

Whatever you choose, it’s likely that those as yet uninitiate­d into sailing will be hard pressed not to fall in love with life on the ocean wave.

So where will it be this year?

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