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Orig­i­nally cre­ated to pro­duce fast yachts for the Transpac Race, the TP52 class de­vel­oped into an owner-driven in­shore cir­cuit which at­tracts the world’s best mono­hull sailors.

One devel­op­ment re­fined on the TP was the change to wide aft sec­tions. “We started off with quite nar­row sterns and the work­ing deck stop­ping well over one me­tre for­ward of the stern,” com­ments class man­ager Rob Wei­land. “We now see an al­most con­tin­u­ous width of the work­ing deck from Beam Max aft and the work­ing deck con­tin­u­ing to the stern. The ‘pow­er­ful stern’ is now the norm in off­shore rac­ing. I’m not sure whether we started it, but for sure, we were the test bed for how to re­fine that hull shape con­cept for wind­ward lee­ward per­for­mance.”

First to have a work­ing deck all the way aft was the 2007 Re­ichel Pugh Patches,a style then taken a stage fur­ther by ETNZ (2009), which added slab-sided top­sides with a knuckle to cre­ate more hull sta­bil­ity when heeled. ETNZ also saw re­fine­ments in deck lay­out, el­e­ments of which have fil­tered down to more main­stream de­signs, such as trans­verse jib car tracks.

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