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Trogear adjustable bowsprit


It can be daunting to have to reach out over the stem of a yacht underway to fix or remove the tack or furler of a flying sail. The Trogear is a removable, triangular carbon fibre bowsprit that is adjustable and can be retrofitte­d to most yachts. It’s a smart idea and one that makes such challenges easier and safer.

Its ability to hinge upwards means both the triangular shaped sprit itself and the sail tack or furler it is carrying can be brought inboard for easy adjustment and removal. It’s also a quick way to decrease your LOA when docking, without having to remove the sprit completely or slide it aft over the anchor locker like many prodders. Trogear currently produces models to suit 18ft to 50ft yachts.

Prices from $1,250 or £1,210. www.trogear.com www.technicalm­arinesuppl­ies.co.uk

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