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Think hard about trim: how should the boat sit best in the wa­ter to en­cour­age move­ment? And how can you achieve this within the rules of rac­ing?

As a rule of thumb most weight in ul­tra­light breeze should be to lee­ward and as low down in the boat as pos­si­ble. Mod­ern wide stern yachts have a large wet­ted sur­face area which cre­ates drag in very light winds so ben­e­fit from weight for­ward. More tra­di­tional shapes pre­fer weight in the mid­dle.

Most of these changes will need to be made by mov­ing crew weight around. Be spe­cific about where you want off-watch crew to sleep and don’t be afraid to ask them to move if con­di­tions change.

En­sure that all move­ments around the deck are gen­tle and slow to keep any mo­men­tum you may have gained.

If your rac­ing class al­lows the move­ment of equip­ment as well as crew, then put the ef­fort into stack­ing gear in the po­si­tion where the weight will have most ef­fect.

This can be hard work in hot and sweaty con­di­tions but will pay div­i­dends.

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