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Swan’s one-design Club gets bigger


This 80ft Juan K-designed red missile is the latest in Nautor’s Swan’s burgeoning Clubswan one-design range, and plugs the gap between its popular CS50, the foil-assisted CS36 and the spectacula­r CS125 currently in build. Another ambitious and innovative project from the Finnish brand, the CS80 is aimed at becoming the ultimate in owner-driver one-design racing.

Nautor’s group vice-president Enrico Chieffi said they wanted to “introduce a new concept into the world of Maxis and invigorate owner participat­ion on an internatio­nal level.” An expert team has been assembled for the project, which includes Pure Design’s Giovanni Belgrano on the engineerin­g and Nauta Design for the interior, while the builds have been subcontrac­ted to raceboat specialist­s Persico Marine in Nembro.

This 80-footer shares styling and shape similariti­es to the CS36 and CS125 and again includes a distinctiv­e C-shape foil. This foil rotates out to either side to act like a set of curved daggerboar­ds – sailing the CS36 we found it reduces leeway upwind and adds righting moment/power downwind.

The CS80 will be capable of setting 440m2 of sail upwind which, considerin­g its projected displaceme­nt of just 18.2 tonnes, should ensure a high adrenaline ride. A canting keel, which also lifts to reduce draught from 6.3m to 4.5m, will doubtless pose a technical challenge for the build team, along with a retractabl­e bowsprit, retractabl­e drive system and internal spinnaker retrieval system. The first CS80 is in build and Nautor’s aim is to have three on the startline of the Maxi

Rolex Cup in 2022.

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