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Jack Setton is a French businessma­n who has owned an ever-evolving collection of unique yachts, as well as one of the world’s most extensive collection­s of supercars. He first drew the sailing world’s attention in the 1980s when he launched Pioneer, an aluminium 78-footer that was based on the racing yacht Kriter VIII, and famously powered by twin 200hp outboards when not under sail.

Besides his sailing vessels he has also owned a 77m icebreakin­g ocean tug; the custom built 57m explorer yacht Senses; and a former shrimping vessel which he refitted for cruising, called Pink Shrimp. His most recent purchases include an offshore wave-piercing Safehaven XSV20, which has a top speed of 45 knots and 500-mile range.

At last count, he also owns two Saffier daysailers, a 6-Metre, an F40 trimaran, a Dragonfly 32, and a Doug Peterson IOR Three-quarter Tonner.

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